There are always many solutions to any problem. The best filter for choosing the best one is relevance. For me it’s always important what the client’s business is, what the client wants, what the client’s audience wants, and who the client wants to become. Design needs to be the right thing, at the right time, for the right people.



Connecting is the key to success. Communication is important internally with the client and externally with the audience. Good communication with the client means investment in understanding the project, it’s needs, the resources as well as business and cultural contexts involved, so that development runs smoothly later on.



Attitude or lack thereof will make or break a design. Often times a design can hit all the brief points, it can look good, it can send the right message, but if it has no attitude, no soul, it’s not going to impress, it’s going to feel shallow and void of meaning. This is the main reason why developing a design is a separate process to executing it



A design created with growth potential in mind can be of great long term value for a company. I believe in making designs that can scale, that are strong enough to be developed further and further. No design is ever truly finished, that’s why thinking ahead and planning ahead always gives way to better visual development in the future.

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Cosmin Andrei Palade